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If you are having problems with bones and joints within your mouth, you may be a candidate for a bone grafting procedure. We will transplant bone tissue into your mouth in order to fix bones or joints that have been damaged by trauma. Bone grafting can also be used to assist with bone growth when you have a dental implant.
After you have tooth extraction surgery, we may perform socket grafting to ease the healing process. This is because teeth sockets tend to shrink in width and height after tooth extractions. A socket grafting can prevent this, making it easier for a dental implant or bridge to be installed down the road. Furthermore, socket grafting can help stop drifting or shifting of teeth and prevent misalignment and jaw issues in the future. 


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After dental trauma or tooth extraction, bone grafting and socket grafting will ultimately help improve the overall appearance of your smile. Let us take the steps to preserve and ultimately improve your smile. Tap a Button Below to schedule an appointment to learn more about these procedures.

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